5Since I arrive to Manchester two weeks ago a lot of things have been going on. From the first moment I fall in love with this city, it has so much to offer but at the same time it is so compact and you can get easily to all the places. After a week I bought a bicycle which is very comfortable to move around because Manchester is very flat, so you don’t really have to make an effort.
The people are very nice and willing to help you with everything. So I all the times that I have get lost I had someone helping me to find the way again. And I have met lost of new people, here to go to a pub to have a coffee or a beer is a very social thing, and you finish talking to everyone in the pub if you spend there just an evening.
Also I got a job really easily in a hospitality agency and I have been working as staff, barista or waitress in some amazing and massive events, wedding or anniversary parties. I am learning a lot of English with this job because I work with lots of people and the agency people are very nice and they make me feel comfortable because they have given me all the trainings to know how to do everything correctly, and they don’t mind if I am asking all the time how this is called or said.
Manchester has a lot of thing going on all the time, and it is a city full of student so there are a lot of parties every day of the week. There a lot of massive house parties and neighbours are used to it, they don’t call to the police because of the noise. Also there are some neighbourhoods which are mostly full of just students.

Expression that I have learn:
Bit and bops: to speak about an amount of random things, I have been moving to my car my bike, the radio and other bits and bops.
To be fussy: when you’re not easy satisfied.
Got to dash: When you are in a hurry.
Rush like a loony: To be doing lots of different thing quickly and no given the proper attention to each one.

Here there are some photos I took around the city while I was looking for a job or just hanging around. Now that I have a bike I will go to some amazing park that are in the city and near it.

Salford quays



Canal stret, in the Gay village



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