marta-1-collage    Here I am again, now I am more settled, because I have move to another house in which I am very comfortable so I will be staying here for the rest of my stay in Manchester. When I came here I stayed for the first month with a Spanish couple just because from Spain it was difficult to me to arrange anything with English people. I was comfortable there but I came here to learn English so I started looking for a house shared with English speaking people.

My new neighbourhood is very nice; it is 30 minutes walking away from the city centre. The best thing is that I have to go only through a big street called Oxford street that is where all the universities are so also if one day I have to come back home late from work by bike I don’t have to go through any creepy street or more lonely, because all the student are hanging around oxford street and all the restaurants and pubs stay open until late, which here is until 2:30.

It is also beside a big park called Platt Fields Park; it has lots of thing in it, a motorbike park, a skate park, and also a pipican where they train the police dogs. And there is a lake with a lot of ducks and goose which are not afraid to come near you if you are feeding them.

This weekend I have been working in a music festival called A Carefully Planned Festival which is all run by volunteers. It was amazing how well it works, there are more than 60 bands playing in two days through venues all in the Northern Quarter. I really enjoyed it; I got to see a lot of cool bands and nice people. And I have my first chip and chips, it is very tasty but too fried for me, I will try to go to the coast to have a fresh one.

Enviado: 19/10/2016


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