2Hi! Time is going away really quickly, I feel really comfortable in Manchester. I have been around here for almost two months  now and I don’t haven’t feel any homesick yet, with the what’s up and Skype it is really easy to keep in touch with your people though.
I have been doing some tourism around wales this week, it is stunning. I went to the south of wales, to a city in the seaside, Swansea. Also if it is a big city I went to the outskirts of the city so I was sleeping in a cottage that was surrounded by farms and forest. It was really nice get in touch with the countryside, I did enjoy long walk through the forest and trough amazing cliffs just beside the sea. I try another fish and chips, and this one was much more tasty also if I got it from a fast food place. I also went to a very nice Indian restaurant and I really enjoy it. Here the Indian food is very popular they cook a lot of curry.
In wales I also could visit a friends brother organisation called down to earth, that organized adventure activities, and that it is also focus on  eco-building and learning through the outdoors in south Wales. They have an amazing land with wood buldings on it which are amazing and they do a lot of activities to bring people close to the wild life around them and also to show them how they can be more eco and enjoy it.
AH! And I had my first English breakfast with beans, sausages, toasts and eggs. It was tasty and I like to start the day with a big meal.
Expression and new words:
7Ridiculously: they use it a lot to emphasize something unusual. The traffic was ridiculously crazy today!
Lazy lamb: the use it for if you are being lazy or just doing some task very slowly.
Snug: to make something snug is to make it cosy and warm.
Snooty: to be snooty is to have a runny nose, to have mucus.
Soldier on: to continue doing something although it is difficult
Smooches: To smooch is to lovingly kiss your bf/gf straight on the lips, but you can also use smooches as kisses and the end of a text to a close friend, relative or boyfriend.
See you later alligator: It is one of the informal ways of saying goodbye to someone. Apparently, this phrase has been derived from a 50’s pop song. The person to whom this phrase is being said, says- ‘In a while crocodile!’
Get a wriggle on: to hurry up if you are late to get somewhere.
Sneak in or sneak out: to go or do something secretly. Example: we sneaked out of the train without paying the ticket.

Enviado: 8/11/2016



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