img-20161128-wa0024-copia-copiaHello! This weeks I have been working in the university´s cafes and restaurants and I really like the universities here, you can relax yourself in the halls as you have lost of sofas and working areas to use in a relax way and not being disturbed. You don’t need a card to get into the university, which I found strange because like I said the halls are pretty cool so I did find strange not being eny security pocress to get into the university.

I have been setting the crishtmas decoration, lots of lights and different balls for the tree. I have been walking through the market street and trough the Christmas market and get a lot of different kinds of things to put around the lounge and the tree. In my house we did buy a tree which my flatmate is going to replant when the Christmas is over and keep it alive until next Christmas, nice one.

I have been learning more expressions, I can see a big improvement in my English but I still feel that I have to learns a lot of things about the mancunian way, I mean about their way of speaking and of livings, a whole word to learn.


My new words and expresions:

No everything smells of roses: we would say no everything is of pink colour.
Thing are going a little bit tits up: when thing are going wrong.
Milk it: to make the best of something.
A wimp: A person who is scared, or WEAK or cowardly.

We had a good run with the lights: When you are on the road driving the car and all the traffics light go green as you arrive.
I cannot arsed to work today: When you are not really feeling like doing something likein this example, working. It is very informal.


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