This three month in manchester have change my life. Leaving my family and friends to come to this city alone and with nothing in mind to earn a living have make me be able to start a lot of things from the beginning making new choses. So I was able to change something in my life that I was kind of trap in.
It has been a good experience in everyway, I had good luck with everything too, finding a house and finding a job. But I was always very optimistic because I was very happy around this city, so that made me more strong to go over eny difficulty too, because I knew I wanted to stay here, and enjoy my time here.
Manchester is a very cool city, because is it not so big, but there is a lot of thing going on, and you find people from all over the world.
They should try harder maintaining the street cleans, but the recycling here is taken more seriously!
Like there is people from all over the world people are used to people speaking slow English or to having to repeat the thing they said.
And one of the best thing is that I have stop smoking as here the tobacco is so expensive… they really make you think about it twice.
It is funny how here they think that in Spain there is hot weather. I remember my boss asking me if I had send my family of the snow that day…that day it was snowing too in Pamplona jajaj he though my family where going to freak out with the snow of Manchester..jaja. And everyone was asking me why I had chose to go to Manchester having the sun in Spain… But I have to say that I have seen a lot of Spaniards in Manchester but no one from the north but me. All of them were from the south.

I feel very thankful to the language school of Pamplona and the Camara de Comercio for giving me the chance of living this experience which like I said has change my life and has make me learn not only English but a lot of things about the English culture, which ways they speak, and moreover, has make me learn about myself.

Thank you.


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