The first time I came London I was atonished with the Public Transport, especially with the Underground. The Underground of London, also known as a Tube, is an espectacular construction.

The Tube is normally the quickest and easiest way of getting around London. There are 11 Tube Lines and over 200 Tube Stations. Each line has its own unique colour, so you can easily follow them on maps and signs throughout the system. The colour of the lines are shown in the photo attached to the blog.

In relation to Zones and Tube Fares London’s transport map is divided into six zones. Zone 1 and 2 are in Central London as you can see in the photo. I bought a Oyster Card (which is the name of the Travelcard in London) so I could get the best fares and beat the queues. The transport of London is quite expensive. The fare with a Oyster pay as you go is £2.10 for zone 1. There are various discounts for children, the elderly and disabled travellers.


INSIDE THE LONDON TUBERegarding the Tube Maps and Guides everybody can get a free map in any station. I grabbed a map in Killburn station as you can see in the photo.


Concerning learning English in the Tube the sentences I have heard most are:

  • “Mind the Gap between the train and the platform”. This sentence is repited again and again in almost every Tube Station.
  • “Keep clear of the closing doors”
  • “Door will open on the right/left hand side”
  • “Keep all your belongings with you at all times”
Hoping you can find this information interesting. The public transport is quite different in London by comparison with Pamplona. Although the public transport in large cities seems complicated it is easy once you know how to move. Meanwhile, it is not strange to feel a bit loss.


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