Have you ever been to London? London is a popular centre for tourism, making it Europe’s most visited city. Besides, this city hosts many interesting museums and galleries.

From my point of view Museums in London are an excellent place to learn English. And I found there a warm place to spend time in these freezing winter days, discovering new things and widening my English vocabulary.

Some of the best Museums in London have free admissions which is fantactic! The museums run thank for the support of the friends of the museums, free donatives and the Museums Shops. The museums are plenty of families, tourists and Londoners so they are a lively place.

Since I arrived I have had the opportunity to be in some of them and I am very satisfied with the experience. So far my top Museums in London to visit are:

☆ Science Museum. This is the museum that I have most enjoyed. I have always been fascinated by science and here it is a good place to discover more about it. There are a lot of interactive pannels, so you can play and touch them not only that but also participate in experiments. Perfect place to have fun while you learn new things.

☆ Victoria and Albert Museum. The building is amazing and it is situated very close to the Science Museum in South Kensington. There are a lot of galleries. Go with time if you want to visit the whole museum. I spent the whole morning and I couldn´t see everything. Free tours run every day. I joined one tour and the guide was very nice and explained everything very well. I am grateful to the guide because she pronunced every word very clearly and she made hand gestures. When English is a second language I think that we really appreciate vocalisation and clear explanations. Apart from that I like the special fridays (last friday each month) when the Museum is opened until late. There are workshops, exhibitions, bar and music exclusively the special fridays. I could participate in one and the atmosphere is very cool.

☆ The British Museum is situated in central London. The building is wonderful I am sure that it is a great art of arquitecture. There are audio-guides available for 5 pounds. I took one and I think it is good value for money. The most famous objects are: the rossette stone and mommies from the Ancient Egypt. It is worth to visit it. I was visiting the main gallery when I bumped into a group of people sitting on the floor doing meditation. The feeling in the environment was relax and peace. I would like to mention that there is a quotation in the middle of the floor: “…and let thy feet milenniums hence set in midst of knowledge”, you can read it in the photo attached to the blog.

☆ The last museum that I have visited but not least important is the Museum of London. There are a lot of galleries from the oldest London to the most modern London. I was curious about the history of this city so it was a excellent place.

In conclusion, do not miss these places if you have the opportunity. I totally agree with the well-known quotation “Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it.” and museums seem to be a good places for learning. Looking forward to visiting more Museums and Galleries, continue discovering London, learning English and report it.


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