A giant Christmas tree in London's historic Covent Garden, The Christmas tree wears 50,000 red balls.
A giant Christmas tree in London’s historic Covent Garden, The Christmas tree wears 50,000 red balls.

I was walking through Leicester Square when suddenly I found myself surrounded by many Santas. I wondered: What was going on? The answer is: Christmas is coming.

Hundreds of Santa Claus gathered for the SantaCon festival at Trafalgar Square in London. The truth is that any excuse is good to have a good time so it is a special day. People dressed in Santa Claus costumes give a warm welcome to Christmas.  

There are plenty of wonderful traditions to be done on Christmas. Here you are some of the most characteristic of London´s culture:

1. Christmas Markets. The Southbank Christmas Market is the most remarkable Market for me. You can find a wide range of products there. For example handmade crafts, quirky gifts, delicious food from all around the world (included our churros), different kinds of drinks (the mulled wine is the most typical) among others. The market is well located close to the London Eye, Big Beng and the Thames with its bridges. It is a very nice walk in a magical winter atmosphere.

2. Carols. Christmas carols are essentially hymns at Christmas in British Culture. Walking around London in December its not unusual to hear the sounds of carols in some streets and churchs. I am looking forward to enjoy them. Carols refer to groups of people sing traditional Christmas songs such as White Christmas, Jingle Bells or All I want for Christmas is you.

3. Ice rinks. Another one of the best things about the approach of winter is the London’s ice rinks. Ice Skating is tradition in London. They are located throughout the city. I have had the opportunity to see Ice rinks next to the Tower of London, the Natural History Museum and in Winter Wonderland. So if you have the chance to visit London this winter, get your skates on.

4. Winter Wonderland. Let me emphasize one traditon in London: It´s Winter Wonderland. It is a festive family which takes place in Hyde Park. There are a lot of attractions and shows shuch as the wheel, ice rink, a carousel bar and a huge Christmas market.

Traveling in London in the winter season can be fun and has many advantages. Besides it is the perfect opportunity to practise your English. Enjoy these Christmas traditions are highly recommended. 


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